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Frequently Asked Questions: updated based on repeated enquiries from the investment community. FAQ:1-5 are static as they pertain to investment agreement.
1. How will the business operate?

The company is spearheaded by board of directors, ethics committee, ceo, chief financial officer and their supporting administration personnel. Boodhari Mills is to deliver four official reports per year (quarterly reports) to shareholders, and hold an annual shareholders meeting once a year.

2. What is the minimum investment required and share worth?

The minimum is $2500 usd as equity investment in this start up in Somaliland and Somalia.

3. What type of Shares am I buying?

The informed investor such as yourself will be purchasing common shares with no restrictions. This means you can withdraw part or all your annual profits, sell all your shares at anytime after the first year, or keep them with Boodhari Mills to grow year over year. You are free to do whatever you wish with your shares.

4. Do I get voting rights within the company’s decision making process?

The interests of the shareholders will be represented via the board. The CEO and his/her executive team will make the decisions of the company to ensure quick response to market dynamics. An Ethics Committee/board (seven seats) chosen from various backgrounds will oversee the CEO to ensure transparency, business conduct, and mission of the company is fulfilled.

5. How long will it take for me to get my initial investment back?

You will be able to recover your initial investment (year zero on graph) within the first three years, see graph for $20,000 usd investment. Return on Investment is projected at 35% in the first year and gets better year two and three.

market graph

IMPORTANT! How Do I Exactly Invest, get documentation and proof of share purchase?

Step 1: The Investor will receive an “investment agreement” signed by the executive directors to your email. Ensure you simply send an expression of interest and number of shares you would like to purchase by email.

Step 2: Simply reply to the email indicating you agree to the terms on the investment agreement. The citizens of Somaliland and Somalia can come to the Hargeysa Office in Person after June 15.2017 where all paperwork, and share purchasing will be done. Anyone else living abroad will be emailed.

Step 3: Choose the method of payment you would like to use such as Xawaalad, banks e.t.c

CERTIFICATE OF INVESTMENT: once funds are received, Boodhari will issue a certificate of investment either through email, regular mail.


Somaliland: Abdirahman Nur and Co.

North America: Mustafe Adam, Sheik Ciise ++++

UK: Khalid Ibrahim Shire, Mukhtaar Omar

UAE: Hassan A. Yassin Gabay-Xaddi

Contact us for clarification and questions by email or call


Mustafa I. Adam: Ext. 101

Abdi Nur: Ext. 102

6. Fuel/Kwh cost is high, what are you doing about it?

We have done sensitivity analysis on fuel prices under different scenarios on grain milling and flour prices with strong favorable results. It is important to note the cost of utilities is about 11% and 80% comes from the purchase of grain. Boodhari has received quotes on solar energy equipment and installation and will keep you updated, under the current global fuel prices there is no urgency. However, long term strategy dictates a hybrid form of energy sources, in order to be an industry leader for any factory in Somaliland and Somalia.

7. Do you have any partners in the grain milling industry?

Yes, Boodhari seeks synergy partnerships within the milling industry and energy sector. The company has committed to working with one of the many proposal partnerships that were put forth for erection of the plant and commissioning. The technical partner we settled on is Buhler and their school of milling in Nairobi and Kansas State University to train our flour millers. Buhler technical team will further guide the Boodhari team after commissioning of the mill. We believe having Buhler on our side is much better than others that have been contacted in the past.

8. Is there a need for Boodhari Flour Mills?

Yes it is critical for Somaliland and Somalia to have their own flour mills as part of the overall food security strategy and reduce trade deficit for any given finished product. Boodhari will fill 25% of the market share in Somaliland leaving a substantial amount for importing companies. Our most important partners and distributors will be the current importers of Flour in Somaliland and Somalia which will guarantee them the lowest price in the market, no import tariffs, and 24 hours turnaround for any orders. The problem of coordination and overseas shipments and delays will be eliminated once Boodhari Mills starts production.

Boodhari Mills will be the only game in town, we are mostly concerned with keeping up with the demand locally. We have done our homework and have hired exceptional talent and international consultants to examine the risk to reward ratio for such a project.

9. Do other African countries have flour mills?

Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, and Ethiopia to name a few all import wheat to meet country's flour demand for food security. The private enterprise have filled the gap in these countries. If the Somali Natives do not do the same in their respective countries, foreign corporations will eventually come in and control food security.

10. How will I receive information during pre-construction?

There will be a progress report every 30 days 'till the project completes.

For investment relations contact Mustafa Adam at or Alternatively Abdi Nur at